Born in Malaysia, Kaypee Soh was encouraged by his family and love for the environment encouraged him to pursue his interest in arts and crafts from an early age. Unbridled passion for any and all things creative, he pursued formal art training at East Ham College in London. During his time, Soh explored various mediums of art including charcoal, oil and watercolor painting, but ultimately fell in love with commercial graphic design.

After more than 20 years working in graphic design, Kaypee moved to Honolulu to begin a new chapter. Energized  by the love of Hawaii and the Pacific lifestyle, allowed him to express his unique design sense through his photography and artwork in various forms. Kaypee's creativity led him to produce his first  collection of pillows and rugs. In 2008, Kaypee Soh opened “Somace Lifestyle” now "Kaypee Soh", a retail showroom showcasing the Kaypee Soh line of Pacific inspired decor that now includes table top, rugs, lighting, furniture, upholstery and table top with numerous new products in development.

Kaypee believes that everyday objects should be inspirational, beautiful, functional and provide  fine design that will transform  your space whether interior or exterior into a unique expression of personal creativity. Appreciation, love of color and uniqueness is what we love and share with you...our customers.
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