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As a featured designer Kaypee debuted his Spring 2016 “Over the Rainbow” collection during the  “Runway to Runway” FashionShow, Honolulu Fashion Week  2015. 

The inspiration for the spring 2016 line came from the countless rainbows that we’re privy to in the islands. “I find inspiration everywhere, but on an early evening walk along the beach at Ala Moana, a light rain presented a double rainbow in front of me. Living here, we see rainbows almost on a daily basis, but with this particular one, I noticed how the colors in the rainbow appeared to be reflecting off the water and the plants around me. It was something I hadn’t seen or noticed before. I tried to create this same feeling by using varying tones of color on color in this line.” 

The fashions include a women’s collection and accessories, handbags, tees, and a men’s fitted aloha shirts.

“I have references from the late ’60 into the early ‘70s but with a twist toward a modern relaxed pacific style for this collection. This season is about the chic and modern urban woman and her everyday life,” says Kaypee. “I’m mixing fabrics from printed denim and chambray to chiffon with layers of color on color to create weightless draping fabrics that flow; it’s almost like walking through a garden with a rainbow above reflecting color on color.”

The fabrics used in the collection are all kaypee’s original designs, printed in the USA and sewn here in Hawaii, Available in the Honolulu Store Only.

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