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In 2004 following a move from New York City to Hawaii, Kaypee Soh and Edward Macey co-founded “Somace Design” a boutique branding and design agency; however, over the last decade, and with a shift in name to simply “Kaypee Soh,” our company has evolved into a lifestyle brand expressing a modern Pacific design.

Today, we offer Kaypee's original artwork, photography, rugs, pillows, lighting, furniture, and soon to be introduced bedding. Based on a philosophy of layering and mixing pattern the pieces work together with ease and can blend easily with your current interior design. 

In 2014, as a featured designer for Honolulu Fashion Week, 2014 Kaypee designed a collection of sixties-inspired resort wear, silk scarves, and a stylish folded clutch, needless to say the collection was a success. As a featured designer for Honolulu Fashion Week 2015, Kaypee will present a peek into his Spring/Summer 2016 ready to wear collection. The entire line will be presented at his private Fashion Show on December 9, 2015. The collection will include Tee's, leather handbags as well as fitted men’s aloha shirts. 

Shop the Kaypee Soh Fashion and Home Decor collections in our Honolulu store or online at kaypeesoh.com.

Inspired by nature, Kaypee Soh maintains a commitment to treat our environment with respect. Social and environmental responsibility are at the forefront of our vision. We partner with NGOs of various disciplines and donate a portion of all proceeds to support international child labor awareness. 

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